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narrative feature film released with Amazon

the ask: Create a compelling comedic narrative film with house hold names and a large ensemble cast that highlights U.S locations and Latin America. 

the idea: slapstick comedy, PG 13. featuring Tom Arnold, Billy Bob Thornton with his band the Boxmasters', Devin Ratray, Paige Howard, and Cody Kasch. "Everyone in Hollywood is in a race to make the next big Mayan film".

my role: Fundraising, Concept, Writing, Directing, Producing, Acting, Distribution


Project Name

 the background: Purina stands for the belief that pets and people are better together. Nothing — and no one — should be able to break that bond. But today, domestic violence survivors are too often forced to choose between their pets and their safety. Their promise has always been to find ways for pets to stay right where they belong — by their owners’ side.  

the ask: Develop a platform that can propel Purina’s activation in the field of pets and domestic violence and drive consumer differentiation and consideration of Purina and its portfolio.

the idea: The Purple Leash Project. It creates an important badge for pet owners to show their shared support with Purina to transform the shelter landscape for survivors. The leash. It’s what you grab when you’re leaving and it’s representative of the link that connects you and your pet. And purple is the widely used color of domestic violence activism.

my role: Concept, copy  

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